Finding the best

At Free Brand Software we have tried to sift the gold from the dross of free software. When looking for free software ourselves we have found a confusing choice on some of the larger software sites, masses of free downloads but what is best?

So we have tested stuff ourselves, taken notice of other people’s opinions and recommendations and come up with a list of software that we think is worth using.

Not everything is completely free

Remember there can be a limit to what can be got for free. Sometimes it’s just not possible for somebody to produce software quite as strong in his capabilities as software you pay for. Most free software developers do it in their own spare time on limited resources. They can create their software but cannot spend time for consumer support.

For that reason we also put up some recommends of paid for software that often have free periods of use or trial periods to see if you need the extra functionality. Or you may even need stronger technical support for any difficulties you may have.