Don’t Fall Prey To Laptop Thieves

The problem with a laptop is its convenience. They are lightweight, easy to transport around and easy to steal.

On The Rise

Computer theft is on the rise especially when it comes to Laptops and Net books.

There are various physical methods of protecting a Laptop, but they cannot be used in all situations.

Nothing takes the place of being extra vigilant and careful. But it only takes a moment of carelessness, distraction or forgetfulness and a Laptop or Net book can be spirited away by a passing opportunistic thief.

Once it’s stolen it’s difficult to find. So how can a Laptop or Net book be traced?

This is where Prey comes to the rescue.

prey protects laptops, netbooks, phones and any computer

Sign up for free, download Prey and place onto your computer.

Prey sits hidden in your Laptop, Net book and even phone completely undetected. A thief cannot find it.

But if it becomes lost or stolen all you have to do is login to your control panel, from any other source to the Internet. Mark your device as missing. Now Prey is activated and passes on where the device is.

If the device has an integrated camera or video it can even photograph the thief without their knowledge.

Prey cannot be removed by the thief.

Activation now means it can be tracked and found without the thief being in any way aware of what is going on until someone such as the authorities turn up on the doorstep.

Prey works anywhere in the world and protects any computer not just laptops.

Secure up to 3 computers free.

Supports all Windows, Linux and Mac.

Prey can be downloaded from ==>Prey<==