Easy resizing photos for e-mailing

or blogs

Are you having problems with the huge sizes of photo files that cameras now take? They are fantastic photos but problems occur when you may wish to e-mail them to friends and family, or even uploading them to your blog or website.

Size limits

ISPs (Internet Service {Providers) put limits on the size of files that can be transferred in one go. A stack of photos soon reach these limits. The only solution is to edit pictures to make the files smaller.

The trouble is Windows image resizer takes a heck of a time on each photo to do an image resize.

Even the batch resizing in image editors can be a bit of a tedious process.

Reduce the hassle

Simple Image Resizer takes the hassle out of the problem. Download SIR and then launch it to do the work.

Easy conversion

All you have to do is change the values (to resize) in the boxes. Browse to a folder where the pictures are stored, you can even browse several folders picking pictures out of each.

Once the list of photos or pictures is picked for resizing, you can choose the final file format that they will be resized and converted to.

They can be converted straight or by ticking Maintain Aspect Ratio you ensure that they are not distorted if there are varied sized photos to be converted.

You can either save the pictures in the same folder; they will have a prefixed name different to the originals. The originals are not altered. Even better still they could be saved to a separate folder setup beforehand ready for the purpose.

One click conversion

Clicking convert begins the process, which takes only a few minutes according to the size of the photos to be converted.

The photos or images are ready to send easily and quickly without any bandwidth problems.

SIR runs on Windows XP,Vista and Win 7

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