Free Office For All

Do you need to buy a costly office suite? Not any more, there are now a number of completely free office suites to choose from. All are excellent to use and will save you heaps of money using one.

Open office

The first free office suite was Open Office. It is created as open source software where anyone can use the basic structure to re-craft the office suite into their own personal brand, or just use it as it comes.

Open Office free office suite

Open Office is a very competent office suite deliberately shadowing Microsoft Office in the available resources and abilities it has.

It has all the requirements anyone could need in an office suite.

  • Wordprocessor
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Graphics
  • Databases

Open Office will work on all computers, reading and writing all files supported by other office software.

Supports  Windows 2000 (service Pack 2 or higher), Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Linux and Mac.

Download Open Office ==>OpenOffice<==


Libre Office

Libre Office is a complete office suite offered by Oracle. It is basically a forked version or offshoot of Open Office. A number of the Open Office developers left the Open Office project and joined Oracle to develop Libre Office.

Libre office free office suite

Libre Office has some unique features compared to Open Office which may not be that significant to most users who want a free to use office suite.

Libre Office contains everything anyone needs in an office suite the basics are

  • Wordprocessor
  • Presentation
  • Drawing
  • Database
  • Spreadsheets

Libre Office supports Windows XP,Vista,Windows 7 and Linux


Libre Office can be downloaded here ==>Libre Office<==


Lotus Symphony

Lotus Symphony has a feature rich set of productivity tools. Lotus Symphony has a long history as an office suite. IBM the large computing company bought up Lotus Symphony and redeveloped the office suite for themselves. This gave IBM full control of their own office suite meaning they were no longer reliant on Microsoft office and having to pay a huge licence bill for the use of MS office to Microsoft.

Lotus symphony free office suite from IBM

IBM offers Lotus Symphony as a completely free office suite to anyone.



You can take advantage of a very capable office suite containing

  • Lotus Symphony documents
  • Lotus Symphony spreadsheets
  • Lotus Symphony presentations

Lotus Symphony supports all current document files as well as Microsoft docx files.

Lotus Symphony supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Linux.

Get Lotus Symphony  here ==>Lotus Symphony<==


SoftMaker 2008

SoftMaker office 2008 is quite an excellent office suite made by SoftMaker GMbh.

Softmaker office free office suite

It is an extremely capable office suite with the only drawback of not supporting the most up-to-date document types such as docx files. But if this does not worry you SoftMaker office otherwise offers

  • Wordprocessor
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation
  • Plan maker

You do have to register for SoftMaker office with SoftMaker GMbh but otherwise it is completely free forever.

Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Linux.

Get SoftMaker office here ==>Softmaker office<==


SSuite Office

SSuite Office is an unusual office suite. Developed by SSuiteSoft without any budget by the developers. It offers an intuitive approach to work with, some may say minimalist. It is very light to use on a computer, needing fewer resources and energy to do so. It could be said to be more environmental friendly.

ssuitesoft office a different kind of office suite




It does not support all document types as with other office suites, but uses RTF (Rich text files) for word processing, all other office suites can read RTF files which is an international standard file.

This also applies to spreadsheets, it uses the *xls file system that can be read by any other office application.

Want something a bit different in looks possibly a little quirky? Try SSuite Office.

SSuite Office supplies

  • Wordprocessor
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • E-mail
  • Plus other extras

There are slightly varied forms on offer at SSuitesoft, so just read through the list and choose what you want.

Supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

SSuite Office can be found here ==>SSuite Office<==