No fuss web page printing

Send a web page to print what you end up with? Reams of paper spewing from the printer and most of the printing consists of ads, buttons, links and other rubbish.

End this now when you want just the information on any web page printed out.

Print the good bits miss out the junk

Print What You Like lets you print the good parts of the web page and miss out the junk. It is one of the best ways to save paper.

print what you like logo

Print What You Like sits in the browser toolbar ready to be used. When you want to print info from a web page, just click on Print What You Like, then edit the bits out you don’t want.

The adverts, buttons, links, graphics can all be deleted just leaving the info you want to print. You don’t even have to print it out! Print What You Like will convert it to a PD F file to download and save.

Be Greener

Save on paper and congratulate yourself on being greener with the convenience of Print What You Like.

Zip a page

While you’re at add Page Zipper to your toolbar at the same time. Page Zipper once clicked will automatically link any Next pages together. No more clicking through page after page following information broken down and linked by Next links.

All you have to do is scroll down the information on one page, no more waiting for pages to load to get to the next one.

You can even edit out the crud and print everything out on one document.


Get Print What You Like here==>printwhatyoulike<==