Cut Waste Of Expensive Ink

Ink for printers is expensive when you come to print, even using cut priced cartridges you can end up going through a lot of ink printing. The costs soon add up.

Fully adjustable

When you send anything for printing Preton Saver adjusts levels of ink usage for each print job. Savings with Preton can be from 0%-70% on ink whenever you send anything to print.

You can print in high-quality for photos, or set it to your own variable draft level that is easy to read but saves you money.

Adjustable levels

Set savings levels for each print job according to whether you are printing text or graphics. It even automatically omits pictures and graphics.

for printing and saving ink

Preton saver dramatically reduces toner and ink usage. It is suitable to use in conjunction with all printers and better at tuning ink usage than using the printer’s draft mode, which is usually tucked away and a pain to access.


Savings report

It even reports your savings telling you how much cash you saved with the print job!

Supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.


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