Reduce stress using your computer

Working on the computer causes stress in the body. The trouble is we sit there for hours of the day locked in a computer using position. This easily leads to repetitive strain injury or RSI.

RSI are injuries are caused by the same movement we make day after day putting strain on body parts causing pain and even injury.

You may have heard of repetitive strain injury occurring in the hands and wrists while using a mouse or keyboard continuously, but other areas of the body also suffer.

The eyes often show they have been overused and strained through tiredness, blurriness of vision or gritty feeling at the end of the day.

Other areas of the body show RSI. Neck aches at the end of the day? Suffering headaches? This is strain showing up and is related to overuse and strain at the computer.

Back problems and leg pains are very often all due to long hours at the computer stuck in the same position.

Problems like this occur because we forget the amount of time that we’re spending beavering away, pushing ourselves further than we should.

What we need is a reminder that tells us to take a break. Workrave is that reminder.

Workrave sits on the desktop showing three time units ticking away the amount of time spent using the computer. The timers are fully adjustable and can be set at different lengths to suit one’s self.

At the period of time intervals you have created, a pop-up reminder tells you to take small regular short breaks. Greater intervals are broken by periods of suggested exercises that you can do right there in front of your computer. All the exercises are designed to de-stress the parts of the body that are suffering.

The tea break reminder tells you to take some time off to refresh yourself.

The final reminder shows the hours of work that you have been doing and is set at the time you suggest you should stop work.

Workrave is a great boon helping stop stress related injuries you could or do suffer from working in the office or at home.

Try it and see how it can help you.

Workrave can be found here ==> Workrave <==

Workrave runs on all Windows and Linux